What Does IKEA Do That You Should Do Too?

Do you know what IKEA does that you should probably be doing as well to help your business become more successful?

Two weeks ago I spent some time at IKEA while visiting family in the Detroit area.  We were there because we just bought a new home and needed some new or additional furniture.  The first thing that I can say that IKEA does is sets up a strategy to make a shoppers experience.  The flow through the store walks you through all the possible parts of your home from living quarters to kitchen to bath and so on.  When you see an item you want to purchase, you write down the location in the warehouse (or in my case just took a photo with my phone).  When you are done with your “shopping” experience you enter the warehouse and their strategy is to make all of their items accessible and easy to find.  Viola’!  You have everything you decided to purchase and walk out.

Not so fast though.  Now you have those famous words all parents loath around Christmas time…some assembly required!  The next strategy for IKEA is to put together comprehensive step by step instructions on how to create the same visual product you saw in the store.  It’s kind of funny, but after my daughter put together her second item in her room she said to me, “I am becoming an expert at putting together IKEA furniture!”  Now if a 13-year old can grasp their instructions I would say they are doing something right with their strategy.

The word strategy is highlighted three times here for a reason.  What I want you to think about is simple.  What is your strategy for you to get what you want?  Do you have a strategy first and foremost.  Do you have a clear arrival at your desired results in your business and other areas of your life?

I have a client that I am working with currently that wants a new job and yet she didn’t have a clear strategy in how to make it happen.  The work we are doing together is giving her Clarity, Confidence, Competence, Craft (read strategy here), and Conditions that are helping her achieve what she wants.  There are other examples of how I help others to achieve what they want that they weren’t able to achieve on their own.

If you aren’t generating the results you desire and feel like you are missing one or all of the 5 C’s to more success and WOOHOOing I want to encourage you to reach out to me and lets help you create the right strategy that will point you to success!

Until the next educational video blog I wish you much success and more WOOHOOing in your business and life!


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Do You Know The Five Truths About Attitude?

Do you know how attitude impacts leadership?  Have you thought about it and done work as you learn to become a better leader?  This much I know, Attitude is always a player on your team!  Good attitudes among players on your team do not guarantee success, but bad attitudes guarantee failure!  Here are the five truths about attitudes  and how they affect teamwork and a leader’s team:

  1. Attitudes have the power to lift up or tear down a team
  2. An attitude compounds when exposed to others
  3. Bad attitudes compound faster than good attitudes
  4. Attitudes are subjective, so identifying a wrong one can be difficult
  5. Rotten attitudes, left alone, ruin everything

Choosing the right attitude and leading with it is essential, first and foremost.  Dealing with a person whose attitude is bad can be a very tricky thing.  Before you try to address the issue, you might benefit from a closer look at attitudes and how they affect an individual.  That is where Leadership Coaching comes in.  If you would like to learn more about attitudes, let’s engage in a leadership discussion.  It is as simple as emailing rich@woohooing.com for a one on one discussion where I, as a Coach, can help you!

Until we talk, I wish you much success and more WOOHOOing in your business and life!

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Is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

What is “good enough?” It’s a challenge a lot of us face, myself included. Although it’s easy to say that a program is “good enough” or results are “good enough,” I like to challenge that notion.

The notion of “good enough” is anti-potential. Potential is filled with hope, optimism, and the promise of amazing outcomes. However, when we lack discipline and/or consistency, we wind up saying the results are “good enough.”

I’m not the kind of person to settle for “good enough” and I don’t want my clients to settle for it, either. The truth is, I’ve had some clients make some amazing breakthroughs when they end up working a little harder, a little smarter, and are not satisfied with “good enough.”

Rich Lohman PQ 05.17.2016

I want you to reflect on your day and your week, and decide where you’ve made a conscious decision to say something is “good enough.” Think about what your life would be like or what results you would have gotten if you took time to put in that extra effort and worked a little harder in order to achieve your goal.

Don’t settle for good enough. Go out there, kick butt, and earn those woohoos! If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

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